I was part of a lineup which included only one woman speaker. Raised it to organiser who was surprised it was even an issue.

If the previous lineup is all-men, I probably won’t apply. It’s not a great environment to be in. However, I would consider speaking if invited to that event.

A few years ago a woman was speaking at a front-end conference on a non-tech topic. Twitter was flooding with negative and sexist comments. I left the conference as the organizers did nothing about it and made no comments after the talk.

An after party was far away. It was a 40 minute cab ride. I was put in a van with strangers. Two of whom proceeded to make “jokes” about sexually harassing topics. I finally said that’s a CoC violation and hey yo it’s time to knock that off. They blithely ignored me. I was trapped physically and financially in the van. I didn’t even have my wallet, and had no idea what the destination address was. I was trapped, and unsure as whether to also be scared of what could happen next.