Myself and two other speakers were harassed at the pre-conference party, as well as several other times throughout the conference. We spoke to the conference organizers and they agreed to meet, but the entire conversation was not productive. They dismissed our report of harassment by the male attendee because “he is a good guy and has a family and didn’t mean it that way.

I’ve never spoken to organizers about a problem. It’s such a small community and I wouldn’t want to endanger my ability to speak.

I was bullied at a conference by a sponsor and the coordinators told him I told them.

A speaker hit on me and then called me a bitch when I reminded him he is married. I never told anyone.

An after party was far away. It was a 40 minute cab ride. I was put in a van with strangers. Two of whom proceeded to make “jokes” about sexually harassing topics. I finally said that’s a CoC violation and hey yo it’s time to knock that off. They blithely ignored me. I was trapped physically and financially in the van. I didn’t even have my wallet, and had no idea what the destination address was. I was trapped, and unsure as whether to also be scared of what could happen next.

I brought up something with organizers once (an attendee didn’t seem dangerous, just a little lecherous) and they waved it off with “oh, him–he’s a nice guy, just confused”.

A few years ago a woman was speaking at a front-end conference on a non-tech topic. Twitter was flooding with negative and sexist comments. I left the conference as the organizers did nothing about it and made no comments after the talk.